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We won’t bite!

Several people have said to me recently that they have friends who would love to come along to an Exeter Girl Geek event but haven’t quite got the confidence, so I’d just like to offer a bit of reassurance… If you’re a bit nervous, be brave and give us a whirl anyway, everyone is friendly […]

Event preferences survey

Well, now that Christmas is out of the way, it’s time to start organising the next Exeter Girl Geek Dinners event in earnest. We’d like to know how much you’d be happy to spend on another brilliant evening with the fabulous girl geeks of Exeter and which days are best for evening events, so please […]

First meeting at Exeter Phoenix

We had our first meeting in the Exeter Phoenix Cafe Bar last week and had a really good turn out, for our first time, of 22 (I think!). It was great to meet everyone – there was a real selection of backgrounds, from developers, to biology students, to archaeologists, to video producers. One of the […]

Our first meeting

Our first meeting will be at the Exeter Phoenix Cafe Bar on Wednesday 23rd November, just a few weeks away! For more information see our Next Event page. Hope to see you there!

Hello world!

I’m hoping to start up an Exeter Girl Geek Dinners group, for women in technology/science who would like to meet up with other like minded women to socialise, network and learn new stuff in a comfortable environment. I’m trying to drum up interest at the moment, so let me know if you would like to […]