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Armchair code network

I’ve been inspired lately by smart women setting up code clubs and networks in some of the major UK cities. At times like this I wish I lived closer to the action, to take advantage of stuff like this, but I also realise there’s nothing stopping us from doing the exact same thing right where […]

A new venue

        At our June event we used the newly created Jam Room at the Coaver Club in Exeter – it’s a creative/collaborative working room set up by the county council to encourage new ways of working together, and it certainly proved a good space for our group! We had a fascinating talk […]

Save the date!

The next Girl Geek Dinners Exeter event will be on the evening of Wednesday 25th June 2014, in central Exeter. We’re still working on the venue and other details and we’ll update you as soon as it’s all settled. We will have Ann Kempster of 300 Seconds as our main speaker, and for the second […]

Open data

Last November, Devon County Council sponsored a Hackathon at Plymouth University to see what developers could come up with using their data. The brief was simply to create an app, using data sets provided by the council or from elsewhere, that would support the more vulnerable members of society to access services. The event was […]

My first GGD event …

Report by Nicola Mancell I had no idea what to expect from my first ‘Girl Geek’ event.  I’d met a couple of people before, at the monthly pub social*, but other than that, my only experience of the Geek Girl Movement was what I had read on the internet. Would it be super technical?  Would […]

Lego and positive representation

It’s one thing to say you’re going to help manage a blog, it’s quite another to come up with something interesting enough to write about on a regular basis. Trawling the web for inspiration, I had the bright idea of doing a search for ‘Women in Tech’. If you ever need 4,613 articles asking why […]