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Save the Dates – September and October Events!

September Event – Weds 17th Sept


Following on from our last event at the Coaver club we will be holding another event there on Wednesday 17th September at the usual time of 7pm. Our speaker is Lucy Knight and the provisional title is ‘Campaigning for Plain Data: the Cloche Project’. Following the format of our last meeting we will also have a (hopefully!) thought provoking discussion on the topic of whether ‘pink’ branding can actually help to get more girls interested in STEM or does it in fact just promote unhelpful stereotypes. Details on the Next Events page here and tickets will be available soon through Eventbrite.

Ada Lovelace Day – Tuesday 14th October 2014


Ada Lovelace Day (ALD for short!) is a yearly international event celebrating and highlighting women (past and present) working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). They have an excellent website and an e-newsletter – see here http://findingada.com for more details.

For a while now Girl Geek Dinners Exeter has felt we should hold an event for ALD and this year we want to go for it. This post is really to pre-advertise the event and get an idea of interest in the group for attending and taking part! So here are our thoughts so far:

  • ALD itself is on Tues 14th October and we’d hope to have an event that same evening
  • As usual we’ll most likely have buffet food, at the very least nibbles
  • For activities we want to have some talks and also something interactive! The talks will be short ones on women in STEM past and present (and we need help with this: see below!) and for fun we are planning an Egg Race (anyone remember BBC’s Great Egg Race with Prof. Heinz Wolff?)

So now over to you….what are your thoughts on ALD and how we as a group can contribute to it? For the event we are looking for people within our group who would like to research and present a short talk on a woman in STEM who maybe is not so well known but has contributed significantly in her field. This can be someone past or present and in any area of STEM. On the night we can probably accommodate up to 4 x 15 minute slots but if oversubscribed some can carry over to our next regular event. Please don’t be put off about getting up and speaking – we are a friendly group and will be very interested in what you have to share!

Contact us as soon as you can by email, Facebook or Twitter if you are interested!


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